digital print on silk

Colour Study for Infatuation

(A status of Infatuation from top left to bottom right)

1. To me, infatuation is canary yellow with strong brush strokes. (An Orchid  by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1941)

2. At first, you get that warm and fuzzy feeling... (Flowers, Purple Callas  by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1987) 

3. Then, passionate like a flame.

4. You start to open up, making yourself vulnerable. (Patio with Cloud  by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1956)

5. Suddenly, either you get shutdown or you get cold. (Flowers, Green Amaryllis  by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1987)

6. you are all bruised, hurt. (Imperial Pink Bud (top), Imperial Gold Bud (bottom) by Irving Penn, 1971)

7. In a distant memory, still bruised, but in more muted tones. (White Champion  by Irving Penn, 1980)

8. sketch


© 2018  Hyoi Kim